PIVD (Back Pain)

Low back pain originating from the disc, vertebral body, or posterior elements or might be unrelated to the spine.Back pain become a universal problem these days and one of the most common reasons for visiting a orthopedic doctor or taking an off from work.Acute low back pain is defined as activity intolerance due to lower back or back-related leg symptoms of less than 3 months' duration. Chronic low back pain, therefore, is defined as pain/problems lasting greater than 3 months. Regardless of the cause or duration of mechanical low back pain, the result is likely to be damaged soft tissue(s) which can stimulate nerves and produce pain.

The following signs and symptoms :

  • Low back pain has been reported to arise from trauma (either chronic or sudden) such as a fall, a motor vehicle accident, twisting, prolonged poor postures, mental stress, fatigue, disc extrusion (also known as a slipped disc, rupture, or disc herniation).
  • Sometimes painful degenerative disc disease(also called arthritis), aging, congenital defects, poor flexibility, etc.
  • Causes such as infection, hormonal problems, broken bones, systemic disease, and tumors require serious medical intervention but are very rare and are beyond the realm of this discussion.